• Parts in juicers

    Spare parts for juice squeezers

    All spare parts and spare parts in hospitality squeezers.

    Brands Zumex, Zummito, Lomi ...

  • Spare parts ventilation

    Ventilation components

    Accessories needed for ventilation

  • Recambios para cafeteras

Repuestos y recambios de maquinaria de hostelería

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  • 24 hours delivery

    Shipments for the Peninsula are totally free in orders over 90 €.

  • In contact

    Telephone contact always available.

  • Payment methods

    We accept payment by card or transfer.

We offer free postage

Free postage will be applied from orders over 90 euros. The time that elapses until arriving at your delivery address usually fluctuates 24 hours. For the products that we do not have immediate availability we will communicate it to you to take into account the time of delivery.

Always available to the client.

If you need a spare or accessory in the shortest possible time, we offer you urgent quotes.

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